Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brick #122

Fun FANWALK Fact: Brick #1106. When my wife and I first met in 1988 we got very close with her sisters kids Jason and Jessica because their father was a cheating bastard and left them. I actually first thought the kids were my wife's and told her it was ok if she had kids. After laughing her ass off I found out they really were her sister's kids. We have stayed close to them over the years and they are like our son and daughter.

Jason was a big Met fan back then and so was I. We went to a few games over the next 2 years then they moved to Florida. Fast forward 15 years later Jason is married and was expecting his 1st son when Citi Field was being build. Thank god they picked a name and I ordered the brink before Jayse Andrew Meritz was born.

They just came to visit from Florida and we found the Brick!